Take Action Against Allergens: Start in the Bedroom

Published On: December 30, 2013|By |
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If you have allergies, you need to take action against allergens in your home. Simple steps around the home can reduce your exposure to allergens and decrease or eliminate allergy symptoms. The first place to start is your bedroom.  What should be an oasis is instead a trouble-zone for high exposure to allergens. Your bed can be the greatest allergen source. Over 1 million dust mites can live in your bedding and contribute to allergy symptoms. Physicians and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend encasings as a top priority for reducing allergen exposure since encasings block dust mite and pet allergens in the bed, which you would otherwise inhale throughout the night. You can spend up to one-third of your day in your bedroom, so action against allergens steps should start with encasing the bed.

For additional steps in the bedroom and throughout the home, see our Allergen Avoidance Action Plan.

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