I Can Breathe Honeycomb Mask Charcoal Filter Replacements


Two-pack of Charcoal Filter Replacements for Honeycomb Mask by I Can Breathe

  • For use with the Honeycomb Mask by I Can Breathe
  • Contains two Coconut Charcoal Filters
  • Effective to reduce exposure to dust, mold, pollution, fragrances, fumes and more
  • Slips into mask for easy fit
  • Disposable filters can be switched out when dirty or depleted 

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These disposable charcoal filters slip into the Honeycomb Mask from I Can Breathe to reduce exposure to dust, mold, smoke, pollution, fragrances, fumes and more. The filter slips easily into the Honeycomb Mask to provide the filtration you need to breathe easier and help reduce allergy or asthma attacks. The Activated Carbon is not made from coal but instead from a coconut shells. If you are allergic to coconut as a food or oil, check with your allergist before selecting this mask. Filter should be replaced when breathing becomes difficult or when odor comes through even after adjusting nose wire.  Pack of 2.  Note:  I Can Breathe mask-related products are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale.

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Relief from

Asthma, Dust, Mold & Mildew, Pet Dander, Sinus Relief

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22 AF 1013


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