Electrolux Anti-Allergy Dust Bag


Electrolux’s Anti-Allergy dust bag contains allergens, dirt, dust and other particles for improved cleaning and a healthier option for allergy sufferers.

  • High-tech, three-layer filtration for optimum cleaning performance
  • Traps 99.5% of dust mite and pet allergens, pollen, bacteria and other particles
  • Captures and filters dirt and small dust particles
  • Closure slides shut to keep dust and dirt inside when the bag is removed
  • Package of 4 bags. 

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Allergy Partners offers free educational materials to physicians and healthcare professionals to help allergy patients.

Electrolux’s s-bag™ anti-allergy is the top filtration dust bag from Electrolux, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. The bag is high grade synthetic, capturing and filtering small dust particles, pollen, dust mites, mite allergens, and cat allergens as small as 1 micron (that is 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair).

The S-Bag indicator window will indicate when the bag is full or needs to be changed. One pull on the bag’s tab and the S-Bag automatically seals, preventing dust, dirt and other debris from leaking out of the bag. Contains 4 bags per package. 

Relief from

Dust, Pet Dander

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