DustMite & Flea Control Treatment by The Ecology Works


A natural, safe and easy treatment to kill dust mites and fleas in carpets, upholstery and other soft surfaces. 

  • Patented, natural borate compound kills mites that contribute to allergy symptoms 
  • Extensive testing shows long-term effectiveness at lowering dust mite populations
  • Mixes easily with water for use as a spray or in a carpet steamer
  • EPA Registered is safe for use around kids, pets and the whole family
  • Clear, odorless, stain-free and safe for fabrics

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The Ecology Works® DustMite and Flea Control is a specially-formulated borate compound that mixes easily in water and provides long-lasting control over dust mites and fleas. Boron is a natural element that isn’t harsh or dangerous to people or pets, but it’s fatal to dust mites and fleas. It dissolves easily in water and can be used in a spray bottle or carpet steamer. For small areas, like an upholstered chair, just mix 1 cup of the powder to one half-gallon of water and apply with a spray bottle. For larger areas, like carpets or couches, you can mix and apply with a pump sprayer. Or, for deep cleaning, add DustMite and Flea Control to carpet steamers when cleaning carpets and upholstery. It’s clear, odorless and has a neutral pH, which means that it will not stain even lightly colored fabrics.

Extensive University tests demonstrate the remarkable long-term effectiveness of DustMite and Flea Control in lowering dust mite populations. Studies show that levels are extremely low in week 2 after application and almost non-existent by week 8. DustMite and Flea Control is EPA Registered, and even the strict California EPA determined that it has insignificant human exposure risk. DustMite and Flea Control coats the mite or flea’s food source and essentially starves them so populations die off. That’s great news for allergy sufferers, since killing mites gets right to the allergen source. With mites eliminated, they can no longer produce particles that contribute to your allergy symptoms. The 2-lb. bag will treat up to 800 sq. ft. as a spray or 400 sq. ft. with wet extraction (carpet steam machines). Although this product indicates no staining when used, we recommend spot testing in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire area. Apply 4 months after initial treatment and twice a year thereafter. 

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