Allersearch X-Mite Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Treatment


X-Mite makes cleaning carpets and neutralizing allergens fro m dust mites and pet dander simple with this two-in-one product. Sponge-like particles clean and refresh surfaces. 

  • Two-in-one treatment reduces allergens while cleaning the carpet surface
  • Neutralizes allergens from dust mites and pets
  • Powder includes sponge-like particles which clean and refresh pile fabrics
  • Cleans without water, shampoo or steam that can increase dust mite growth
  • Treats approximately 150 sq. ft., apply every 2 – 3 months

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Allersearch X-Mite Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Treatment delivers two-in-one results by reducing allergens from dust mites, pet dander and other sources while cleaning surfaces. The special formulation contains tannic acid to neutralize allergens as well as sponge-like particles that contain a water-based solution to clean and refresh pile fabrics and surfaces. X-Mite does the job without water, shampoo or steam, a benefit for allergy sufferers as dampness can otherwise foster dust mite growth.

Just sprinkle X-Mite evenly on to a dry surface to be treated and brush in the powder. Allow X-Mite to sit for maximum effectiveness in treating allergens and stains and then vacuum the treated surface. Make sure to use a new vacuum bag to ensure that allergens from the vacuum bag are not transferred to the just treated surface.  Re-treat surfaces every 90 days to keep allergens minimized. 1-lb. bag treats approximately 150 sq. ft. and should be applied every 2 – 3 months. For severe allergen concentration, it may be necessary to apply X-Mite more frequently.


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