Allergy Zone Humidity Gauge


Easily monitor humidity levels for a healthy home environment with this helpful humidity gauge.

  • Easy to use gauge to keep humidity below 50% for a healthy environment
  • An AllergyZone product, made especially for people with allergy and asthma
  • Displays humidity, temperature and time
  • Digital display with clock, month, date and alarm functions
  • Built-in stand for shelf display or can be wall mounted

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Allergy Partners offers free educational materials to physicians and healthcare professionals to help allergy patients.

Use the AllergyZone Humidity Gauge to monitor humidity levels at home and promote a healthy environment. Maintaining humidity at less than 50% is critical to reduce the excess moisture that allows mold and dust mites to thrive. Place the humidity gauge on a shelf or mount it to the wall to easily view humidity levels.  If humidity readings reach or exceed 50%, you’ll know when to use air conditioning or a dehumidifier to reduce levels.  The gauge includes memory setting for minimum and maximum measuring values, which can help you see how humidity is trending within your room. 

The digital display also indicates the room temperature and time, giving you helpful all-around information.  The gauge also includes an alarm function and a month / date calendar function. It runs on one (1) AAA 1.5 V battery.  


Specifications : Humidity Range: 10% RH to 99% RH Humidity Accuracy: ± 5% RH Humidity Resolution: 1% Temperature Range:  – 58°F to +158°F / -50°C to +70°C

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