Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths


Disposable electret fiber dust cloths attract up to 5 times more dust and allergens for a healthier, more effective way to clean. Includes 8 generously sized cloths.

  • Specialized electret fiber cloth attracts dust, dirt, pet hair, dander and other particles
  • Improves cleaning and captures up to 5 times more dust and allergens
  • Clean without the fumes and fragrances of typical dusting sprays
  • Scientifically proven effectiveness helps you achieve a cleaner, healthier home
  • Includes (8) 6” x 12” disposable cloths

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Allergy Partners offers free educational materials to physicians and healthcare professionals to help allergy patients.

These disposable dust cloths are made from specialized electret fibers that attract and bind dust, dander, pet hair, dirt and other particles while cleaning surfaces. Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths have been scientifically-proven to provide improved cleaning ability compared to traditional dust cloths. Their ability to clean is so powerful, each cloth can capture up to 5 times more dust and allergens than your regular dust cloth. The electrostatic charge from the fibers binds the particles to get surfaces cleaner and keeps the particles on the cloth to help prevent allergens from becoming airborne while cleaning.

The 6” x 12” size goes over larger surface areas for faster cleaning. With Aller-Cleanse, there is no need for irritating dusting sprays to try to improve cleaning. These dust cloths will clean even heavy dust build-up with a wipe of a cloth. Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths have been developed by a mom with a highly allergic child. The cloths went through extensive tests to prove their effectiveness and performance in creating a cleaner, healthier home.   

Relief from

Dust, Pet Dander

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